Tahara Surrati Musk


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This beautiful Tahara musk is made by the house of the great perfumer Surati who is based in Makka, Saudi Arabia. Renowned by the Muslim community in the East, it has finally made its way to the West. It is very popular with Muslim women but also with men because of its mixed scent. Muslim women have made their best intimate musk by far. By applying the Sunnah after their menstruation, the Tahara musk also called white musk or Maliki musk is of very high quality, refined, creamy and soft. Its freshness is reminiscent of the smell of soap. Its soft and captivating scent sticks to the skin and is felt differently depending on the person. Its characteristics make it a unique product. The creamy fragrance is concentrated. With just one touch, you can enjoy its fragrance for a long time.
Sunnaty Tijara is proud to offer you this bestseller. It is available in 6ml or 12ml size. Because of its small size, it can be carried everywhere. It is ideal as a gift.

This fragrance does not contain alcohol.
Essential Fragrance oïl, agent de texture, Tricyclodecane Dimethanol, Dipropylene glycol, Musk Decenone, Musk Tetralin, Sodium styren, Butylphenyl Methypropional.

Keep musk away from heat and humidity. And especially out of reach of children;
Close the bottle tightly after use and avoid opening it when not in use;
Do not apply inside the genitals and mucous membranes in general;
Rinse immediately with clean water in case of contact with the eyes.
Reactive skin: use a very small amount on the inner forearm near the elbow (very reactive area) to assess whether you are allergic to the product or not.

Origin: Surrati Perfumes, Makkah, Saudi Arabia