Saudi Qamis White – Kid (Custom Qamis)


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The famous Saudi Qamis will delight you. This Qamis has been made by Custom Qamis in a Spring fabric with a Saudi collar. It has a hidden zip for a better look. It also has a barely visible chest pocket. The classic sleeves blend in well with the overall look and keep it simple and understated.

The Qamis is sold in its box to prevent it from getting wrinkled. It will arrive safely In Sha Allah.

Characteristic: fineness, lightness, simplicity.

Fabrics: The Spring fabric is characterized by its lightness and fineness. It is suitable for hot weather.

Size Guide:

2/3 years (26)

Length: 66cm

Half chest: 32cm

Half waist: 32cm

Half waist: 44cm

Shoulder: 27cm

Neck: 27cm

Sleeve length: 28cm

Wrist size: 11cm

3/4 years (28)

Length: 71cm

Half chest: 33cm

Half waist: 33cm

Half of qamis bottom: 46cm

Shoulder: 28cm

Neck: 28cm

Sleeve length: 29cm

Wrist size: 11cm

4/5 years (30)

Length: 76cm

Half chest: 34cm

Half waist: 34cm

Half-circle of the bottom of the qamis: 48cm

Shoulder: 29cm

Neck: 29cm

Sleeve length: 32cm

Wrist size: 12cm

5/6 years (32)

Length: 81cm

Half chest: 36cm

Half waist: 36cm

Half-circle of the bottom of the qamis: 50cm

Shoulder: 29cm

Neck: 30cm

Sleeve length: 35cm

Wrist size: 12cm

6/7 years (34)

Length: 86cm

Half chest: 38cm

Half waist: 38cm

Half waist: 38cm Half qamis bottom: 56cm

Shoulder: 30cm

Neck: 30cm

Sleeve length: 36cm

Wrist size: 13cm

7/8 years (36)

Length: 91cm

Half chest: 41cm

Half waist: 41cm

Half of qamis bottom: 57cm

Shoulder: 31cm

Neck: 31cm

Sleeve length: 37cm

Wrist size: 13cm

8/9 years (38)

Length: 97cm

Half chest: 42cm

Half waist: 42cm

Half-circle of the bottom of the qamis: 61cm

Shoulder: 33cm

Neck: 32cm

Sleeve length: 38cm

Wrist size: 14cm

9/10 years (40)

Length: 102cm

Half chest: 43cm

Half waist: 43cm

Half-circle of the bottom of the qamis: 62cm

Shoulder: 34cm

Neck: 32cm

Sleeve length: 41cm

Wrist size: 14cm

10/11 years (42)

Length: 107cm

Half chest: 44cm

Half waist: 44cm

Half waist: 44cm Half qamis bottom: 63cm

Shoulder: 36cm

Neck: 33cm

Sleeve length: 43cm

Wrist size: 15cm

11/12 years (44)

Length: 112cm

Half chest: 46cm

Half waist: 46cm

Half-circle of the bottom of the qamis: 65cm

Shoulder: 36cm

Neck: 33cm

Sleeve length: 46cm

Wrist size: 15cm

12/13 years (46)

Length: 117cm

Half chest: 48cm

Half waist: 48cm

Half waist: 48cm Half qamis bottom: 66cm

Shoulder: 38cm

Neck: 34cm

Sleeve length: 48cm

Wrist size: 16cm

13/14 years (48)

Length: 122cm

Half chest: 51cm

Half waist: 51cm

Half of qamis bottom: 66cm

Shoulder: 39cm

Neck: 34cm

Sleeve length: 51cm

Wrist size: 16cm

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1/2 years old (24), 10/11 years old (42), 11/12 years old (44), 12/13 years old (46), 13/14 years old (48), 2/3 years old (26), 3/4 years old (28), 4/5 years old (30), 5/6 years old (32), 6/7 years old (34), 7/8 years old (36), 8/9 years old (38), 9/10 years old (40)