Abaya Malikat Vanilla Beige (Lay)



Abaya Malikat

The magnificent Malikate abaya is a dress that is both loose and elegant. It is characterized by puffed sleeves, a sweetheart neckline and an integrated skirt marked with gathers on the sides. It is also suitable for ablutions and for breastfeeding

The abaya Malikat can be worn on an occasion or simply between sisters. If you associate the Malikate abaya with a long khimar, all of its details will be hidden.

Practical and aesthetic question; the length at the front of the Abaya is slightly shorter than the back. This will make it more comfortable when traveling.

In an occasion between sisters, for example, you can accessorize the Malikat abaya with a belt over it for a more chic look. Sunnaty Tijara offers it to you in two multi-season colors, namely beige and purple.


Bust measurement: 65 cm
flat Flared measurement at the bottom: about 140 cm


The essential Wool peach (from Korea) convinced the sisters thanks to its ideal balance, neither too heavy nor too light. It is suitable for spring and summer, but most of them wear it all year round because of its practicality, durability and, above all, its comfort.

Caracteristic: Matte and fluid

Size guide:








– de 1m49

From 1m50 to 1m55

From 1m56 to 1m62

From 1m63 to 1m67

From 1m68 to 1m72

From 1m73 to 1m79

+ de 1m80

127 cm

132 cm

137 cm

142 cm

148 cm

153 cm

158 cm


Maintenance tips:

Wash at 40°C maximum.
Hang up immediately after washing.
Store on a hanger after drying.
Ironing is done at low temperature with the addition of steam.

The colours may differ significantly, especially between monitors. However, we do our best to be as close as possible to the actual colour.